Oliver: UKC’s Top Ten

Last year’s nationwide show results have been tallied, and our own Oliver finished in the top ten! Accumulating enough points to finish in UKC’s top ten (make sure to look for the 2017 results) for the year is a terrific achievement for any dog, even more so if its done in only a limited number of shows.

In only three UKC show weekends last year, Oliver also earned 4 more Grand Champion legs to complete his UKC Grand Champion title.

A well-balanced hound, it is said, has titles on both ends, and Oliver is well on his way toward acquiring an ASFA Lure Coursing Champion title as well.

Congratulations and thanks to co-owner and handler Cathi Wester of Clayborn Silken Windhounds Picture by Megan Lundberg

Tumble Goes Home

Firebird’s Snow Speeder has flown to his forever home in the Bay area. He weathered the trip without issues despite an hour long flight delay- it happens to the hounds just like us people!– and his new mommy is “totally in love” and posting pictures all over the place.

Wedge is rather confused about his missing playmate, but daddy Oliver came down to visit from Clayborne and is keeping him well occupied.

They can See! And Escape!

IMG_0287Our “seeing spots” puppies are getting their first taste of goat milk with rice cereal as they are growing so fast. They are also moving into the living room to be part of the hustle and bustle of our house. During their 3rd week, the girls figured out how to climb over the whelping box wall to seek out their momma. The pups also met several new people along with Great Aunt Tsarina, Grandma Sparrow, and Isabeau.