Dog Sports

When they’re not parked on the couch, Silkens love to run.

Look under here to find out all about some great ways to have fun with your hound.

Lure Course with ASFA

Sighthounds were meant to hunt.  Lure Coursing lets them test their skills against other hounds chasing a simulated rabbit over a 600-800 yard course full of twists and turns. The winner shows the best combination of speed, endurance, agility, and concentration on the quarry. Firebird’s Dare to Dream won Best of Breed at the ASFA… Continue reading Lure Course with ASFA

Straight Race with LGRA

200 yards. 12.5 seconds.  Photo finish. LGRA leaves all your opinions in the start box, the hound that wins the day is the first across the line– end of story. Learn more about Large Gazehound Racing here.

Oval Race with NOTRA

For those that prefer NASCAR to the drag strip, the North American Oval Track Racing association offers a longer race and the excitement of hounds jockeying for position at the inside rail. Read all about oval racing here.