At home with someone else

These are the ones that have moved out.


Firebird’s Dare to Dream “Dmitri” Firebird’s Dare to Dream Registered Name: Firebird’s Dare to Dream CQ Call Name: Dmitri Owned By: Melissa Pearce & Bobbie Deis Sire: ISWS Ch Lagniappe Ti’Cayenne Cool Run Dam: IABCA Ch. Renaissance Royal Firebird DNA Parentage: in progress Born: April 04, 2008 Color: Mahogany Brindle Spotted on White Height: 23.5… Continue reading Dmitri


Flight of Rogues litter *Firebirds Capt Jack Sparrow* “Jack” Just like his namesake, this 17 month old boy is always quite pleased with himself, even when his plans seem to go awry. When the water bucket runs dry, he drags the 3 gallon bucket through the doggie door to the center of the yard and… Continue reading Jack


Flight of Rogues litter *Firebirds Daredevil Elektra* “Elektra” Flashy with dramatic eyeliner and blond highlights, this girl is happy and cuddly. She would love to be the center of attention, but isn’t as worldly as her brother Jack. She prefers to study the situation before jumping in head-first. She has lots of energy to zoom… Continue reading Elektra


Rebel Alliance Flight Litter *Firebirds X-Wing Fighter* “Wedge” At just under a year of age, this boy has decided his greatest goal in life is to climb into your clothes with you. His endearing black and tan freckles on his nose lure you in and then he’s all over you with hugs and kisses. When… Continue reading Wedge


Rebel Alliance Flight litter *Firebirds Snow Speeder* “Tumble” Also just under a year old, this guy is very friendly and loves people, but doesn’t insist on sharing your clothes with you like Wedge does. Tumble has lots of toy drive and likes to play chase games outside. He will gladly walk on a leash, has… Continue reading Tumble


Seeing Spots litter Firebirds Moon Spots “Apollo” (Spotted Tricolor Male)- Apollo is the most gentle and laid back in this litter. He is the super sweet and silly love bug that rolls onto his back for tummy rubs when he sees anyone walk by. This little guy with his adorable little white spots on his… Continue reading Apollo