Asgard's Gryffyn Smooth Criminal
Asgard’s Gryffyn Smooth Criminal “Georgie”

Firebird’s Wolf Creek Pass
Firebird’s Wolf Creek Pass “Cricket”

Very active and silly 9 month old pups. Many of these puppies would be excellent Therapy dog candidates. Very sweet and biddable temperaments. They all are happy to take a break to cuddle in anyone’s lap.

Female 1  Firebirds Daredevil Elektra

Elektra is active and silly, and very food-motivated. She is currently available to a show, performance, or companion home.

Firebirds Daredevil Elektra

Firebirds Daredevil Elektra

Spotted Sable Female with black mask

Female 2  Firebird’s Marvel Rogue 

“Rogue” is small, flashy, and feminine.  She is athletic and full of energy. She will be staying here with us.

Firebirds Marvel Rogue

Firebirds Marvel Rogue

Male 2  Firebird’s Indiana Jones 

“Indy” is adventurous and cuddly. He now lives with R. Lynn Shell and Victor Whitlock at Gryffyn’s Aeyrie.

Firebirds Indiana Jones

Firebirds Indiana Jones

Irish marked silver brindle male.

 Male 3 Firebird’s Capt Jack Sparrow 

Jack is as charming and impulsive as his namesake. He is currently available to a show or companion home.

Firebirds Capt Jack Sparrow

 Male 1 Firebird’s Han Solo at Serenity 

“Solo” gentle and self-assured. He now lives with Kathie Treacy at Serenity Silkens.

Firebirds Han Solo at Serenity

Firebirds Han Solo at Serenity

 Male 4 Firebird’s Dread Pirate Roberts 

“Westley” is a curious sort who explores the world through his sense of taste. His forever home is with his family in Nevada.

Firebirds Dread Pirate Roberts

Firebirds Dread Pirate Roberts


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